Team Store Live!

Posted by Zach C DeWitt on Sep 21 2022 at 06:09AM PDT

Franklin Family,

Kratz Sports & Apparel has put some serious time into making sure we’re going to get our gear at the beginning of the season, hence the early release of our official apparel store.

There are a couple things to know:

1. Apparel Store (1st window) will close at mid-night on September 25th. 1st window will ensure that items arrive on time at the beginning of the season.
2. The 2nd window will take place in late October / early November. Due to a one-month turnaround, that gear can be expected sometime in December.
3. There is a “Mandatory” set of gear that is required for both boys and girls. It is marked “Mandatory” on the website. It should include 1 top, 1 hoodie, and shorts for both genders.

We appreciate your patience as this is generally one of the most difficult things we do in a given season from a logistical standpoint.

We look forward to seeing you tonight in the Cafeteria (there is a chance we move to the library if the projector isn’t available.)