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Championship season in upon us! Our annual hair dye event for the boys team will take place this Friday, January 28th, right after practice in the pool area. This is optional and for all members!!! There will be a taco bar and desserts set up in the storage room for all boys, whether they dye their hair or not. The boys are free to bring games and/or cards to play with during their wait for the hair dying process.

Here are some pre-treatment hair tips:

- Boys with darker hair will want to go first, their hair will take longer and may have to do two or three times due to the darkness

- Have your son get their hair cut prior to this night. This cuts down on the time it takes to complete this process. - There is a Malibu treatment you can do before that removes chlorine and buildup, but regular blue Dawn dish detergent strips the hair just as well and is much cheaper. Wash with dawn and condition like normal a coupe times before Friday. Thank you to those who have already signed up to bring in items for the taco bar. We welcome any and all parents that would like to help in any way, there are a lot of heads and the more hands make light work. Also we are asking for a $5.00 donation for Subway sandwiches for the boys on the night of girls sectionals, Thursday February 3rd. This is optional, we want the boys to get to Center Grove safely after practice and not worry about stopping and getting food. If you would like send this with your son to hair dye night and give to either me or Debbie Campbell. You can also send it to me via Venmo (@Jodi-Meinczinger). We will have some snacks and water up in the stands for them as well. Any questions, contact Jodi Meinczinger or Debbie Campbell THANK YOU!!


This is just another gentle reminder that Sectional Posters for Girl Athletes ONLY are due to the high school on January 29 at 9:30 am. Sectional posters for male athletes will be due right before their Sectional week…(about 2 weeks from now). A few parents have had some questions about these posters. Remember there are some examples of past posters under the “Media” tab on Team Pages.

The main thing to remember is that these posters are nothing to worry about. The athletes will LOVE them and enjoy seeing their teammates’ posters as well. Please refer to the announcement posted a few days ago about sizing of the poster and some other helpful hints. Remember digital posters can be ordered from local drugstores.

If you would prefer,
1. I can hang your poster if you/your swimmer places it on top of the hospitality room lock box (at your own risk) before or on January 29


2. You can come and hang the poster yourself on January 29 at 9:30-10:00 am in the glass hallway leading to the office. (I will be there to help and direct you where to go. You can come through the athletic or pool entrances.

I am sorry for 2 posts so close together.

  • There is NO Perry Meet this week.*

The final regular season meet is at Center Grove on Thursday at 6:00 for the boys! Please see the last email or announcement on Team Pages for info about that meet and the link to purchase tickets if needed.

Sorry for the confusion.

Center Grove sent out the following info for the boys meet this Thursday at Center Grove. Please read carefully.

Boys Swim Meet at Center Grove vs. Franklin, 1-27-22 at 6:00 PM Enter through Door 4.

Official: John Bonsett

All participants must have their own towel and water bottle – a refill cooler will be available. A CG Athletic Trainer will be on site for this event.

Tickets for this meet can be purchased online in advance (see link below) or at the ticket table for $6.00 – cash only

Purchase Ticket Link

What a FUN JV Meet yesterday at Avon!!! We had a great time cheering on the athletes, watching them swim best times, and spending some time on the award podium!

Now, we are one week out from the start of championship season!! There will be a lot of information coming up. Please take a moment to read the info carefully so you don’t miss anything. Also much of this info might be specifically directed to female or male athletes. We will try to our best to let you know who the info is for in the title of each announcement or email!

Tomorrow, I will send out a list of the upcoming event and donations needed for Girls Sectional Week! All the traditions are BACK!! If you are a parent of a female swimmer please continue to read and look over the following Sectional Poster Info.

Here are some things to know about these posters:
1. ALL swimmers/divers will have an individual poster made by their parent/adult. This will hang in the school building during Sectional week. Posters are due by Jan 29. at 9:00 am.
2. The poster should be 14×22 in size. This is about 1/2 of a poster board.* Please use this size poster*. The custodial staff gets upset with us when the larger posters (due to their weight) fall during the night and cause the security system to trigger.
3. Feel free to take advantage of the FCHSSND Shutterfly website. Directions for getting on this site were in a different Team Pages email. Feel free to use personal pictures or pictures from past seasons. The pictures don’t all have to include swimming.
4. Also, include stickers, favorite quotes, inspirational sayings, etc. to decorate your child’s poster. I have listed some instructions for viewing poster examples from the past. Find the directions below.
5. Don’t stress over this. Have fun with it! It’s one of the celebrations of the season that we all look forward to. Your child will love it!
6. I do know that drugstores in town do offer options for digital posters. Several people have used this option in the past with very successful turnouts. It is just uploading photos and getting the poster printed.

Please have posters to the pool by 9:00 am on January 29. Posters that are brought to the pool before then can be put on top of the lock box in the hospitality room. I will keep an eye out for these and make sure they are kept safe before I hang them in the school hallway on January 29.