Almost there!

Posted by Zach C DeWitt on Sep 15 2022 at 11:27AM PDT

Franklin Family,

We’re back and the season is upon us. We’re trying to get a head start on this season by having our call-out meetings just a tad earlier than normal. If your athlete missed us, we’ve had a diving call-out as well as a swimming call-out within the last week! Missed it? No worries!

We have you covered below with some notes:

Parent Meeting to be Wednesday, September 21st – 6pm – High School Cafeteria

Our parent meeting will include information on physicals, communication, apparel, breakfast, meals, and more.

  • Other important notes:*
  • Swimming 2022-23 Calendar Posted in the documents tab
  • Swimming 2022-23 Parent Meeting Presentation posted in the documents tab
  • Swimming 2022-23 Rules, Expectations, Varsity vs. JV

On another more exciting note, we will be having a duo of Amy Beard and Travis Stevenson to lead our Diving program into the season. With their unrivaled passion and enthusiasm for the sport, we’re excited for the future of our program. They’re eager to share their love of the sport with kids and we hope that you can help us recruit some young Grizzly Cub athletes to take on the challenge of taking Franklin diving to the next level!

Can’t make it to the call out, make sure to reach out to one of the following reps, who can help you with anything from suits to hot breakfast!

Thanks for all of your passion, support, and patience for this program. It means the word to myself, our coaches, and our athletes. Franklin Swimming & Diving is a special place due to our parents.



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