Weekly Notes (Nov-18 through Nov-23)

Posted by Franklin Community Swimming & Diving on Nov 17 2019 at 04:45PM PST in 2019-20 FCHSSnD Campaign

WK 14: The one we got our pictures taken and swam against that team across the county.

Please have athletes check Google Classroom for training details, but here’s the following times of pratice:
Monday AM: GP only 5:45-7:05am
Monday PM: ALL 3:15-5:30pm
Tuesday AM: ALL 5:45-7:50am
Tuesday PM: Pictures only 3:50-4:30pm
Wednesday: GC 3:15-5:15, GP 3:15-5:45pm
Thursday AM: GP 5:45pm-7:05am
Thursday PM: ALL 3:15-5:30pm
Friday AM: GP 5:45-7:05am
Friday PM: ALL 3:15-5pm
Saturday AM: Boys 6:45-9:30am, but timing 10am-11:30am. Girls: 7-9:30practice, Meet 10-11:30am

A few special notes:
Tuesday: Practice will be from 5:45-7:50am. There will be pictures only in the afternoon (no practice). You should report at 3:50 for the pictures in the PM. The pictures are expected to last from 3:50-4:30pm only.

Saturday: Boys practice will begin at 6:45, where as the girls will begin at 7am. The Girls meet against CG will begin at 10am, where the boys will be expected to stay and help time. The meet will be over by 11:30.