It's time to honor a hero... and purchase another one!

Posted by Zach C DeWitt on Oct 30 2019 at 11:31AM PDT in 2019-20 FCHSSnD Campaign

FCHSSnD Family,

I write you with deep regret to inform you that our Franklin Fridge, a young lady that has served us well for many years, is failing_. As she grows older, she grows slower. Her hips aren’t failing and there’s no arthritis to be found in her knees, but she’s just not as cold as she used to be_.

Our Franklin Fridge came to us in 2007, when the school was built, and she provided to many kids over that 12 year run. The fruits of her labor were plentiful, but today we’re looking at taking out a life insurance policy on her. ;-) Don’t fret for her, she lived a good life, and she will be happy in a place where she can be with other “retired” fridges.

We are looking for your help to purchase something within the next month that will give to our kids, and the next four years of kids, and those kids after that. The next fridge will chill the chocolate milky nutrition in the morning and make sure our next round of 500+ breakfast casseroles are still good for a post-school snack.

*Will you help us find the next Franklin Fridge to care for our kids? *

If so, we’re accepting donations of all sizes to make this dream a reality! * All donations can be made to the HS Lock Box to Franklin Swim & Dive – with Franklin Fridge written on the memo. If you find yourself with cash to give, please send it in an envelope marked Franklin Fridge. *

We plan on purchasing the Fridge on Black Friday, so we have until Wednesday, November 27th, to collect.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.