News and Announcements

Senior Night is January 23 during the home meet against Whiteland. Please come a bit early to celebrate our seniors as they are recognized with their families!

Senior recognition will start at approximately 5:15 pm. Families who will be celebrating with our athletes need to arrive before this time so that you can be there for the presentation of our seniors! The meet will begin around 5:30pm.

Our annual hair dye event for the boys team will take place Friday, January 31st, right after practice in the pool area. This is optional!! There will be a taco bar set up in the storage room for all boys, whether they dye their hair or not.

Here are some pre-treatment hair tips:

~Have your son get their hair cut prior to this night. This cuts down on the time it takes to complete this process.

~There is a malibu treatment that can be given before hand at your local salon that removes chlorine and conditions. I’ve also been told to use blue dawn and then condition it heavily with hair conditioner.

~Those with dark hair may have to dye their hair twice due to the darkness.

We welcome any and all parents that would like to help. There are lots of heads and the more hands make light work.

Any questions, contact Kristi Pheifer

Thanks All

The February calendar has been sent out. It is filled with volunteer opportunities for the final month of the season. This is an exciting month for the swimmers and divers. In order to make it successful, we need everyone’s help! If you have not had a chance to volunteer this swim/dive season, please take the opportunity to sign up in one of the unfilled spots on the calendar. If you have already volunteered this season, we would LOVE your help again! You all have worked hard to make sure our athletes have been well fed and our meets have been completely staffed! Thank you for continuing these efforts during championship season! I appreciate you! I will be emailing the calendar out again shortly just in case you can’t find the previous email!

Here are two important pieces of information about pictures of our athletes:

1. Jodi will meet ALL athletes directly after school on Monday, January 13. She will be taking a quick picture of each athlete that will be posted during Girls and Boys Sectional week. Jodi will meet the athletes on the pool deck before they change for practice. We will have warm-up jackets on hand for these pictures.

2. I wanted to send out a reminder again about the team Shutterfly website that Jodi and Chet use to upload their fantastic photos of all our athletes from meets and other season activities. As it is getting close to Sectional poster time, this website is a valuable tool to pull pictures from for the Sectional posters. (If you are unaware of the Sectional poster tradition, I will send out info this week which will explain in detail this championship season tradition.) Please use this opportunity to check out the photos that Chet took this weekend as well as the photos Jodi and Chet have posted throughout the season. We are lucky to have their talents available to us!

If you have not already… please follow the instructions listed below to become a member of this shared photo site.

1. Go to This will take you to the Shutterfly site to either sign-in or sign-up.
2. If you are not a member, click the “Don’t have an account. Sign up” button.
3. It will direct you to type your name/message that connects to your email so that a request can be sent for entrance to the site.
4. A request will be sent to the site administrator: Jodi Meinczinger
5. She will confirm your request and an email will be sent to you with directions on how to access the photos!

According to Plainfield’s website and the announcement made at the pool Thursday evening, today’s meet starts at 12:00 at the Plainfield pool. Good luck to all the swimmers hitting the water today!