News and Announcements

Sectional week is ALMOST here!!! Woohoo!!!! The girls have worked extremely hard and are ready to take on the tough competition in the pool! Good luck to all our swimmers/divers. This is going to be a fun and fantastic week. As a reminder, ALL female athletes will participate in the activities this week.

Monday, February 3
Girls will check out their Sectional posters, window clings, and locker room decor! Our Spirit Committee has been hard at work to add a bit of pizzazz to the week’s events!

Tuesday, February 4
Girls are invited to a Sectional team dinner at the Chapman’s house @6:00pm (directly after practice). THE ADDRESS IS: 4817 Krestridge Court East – Bargersville . This is a very exciting night outside the pool. It gives the athletes a chance to relax, eat, and spend time together as a team. All female swimmers, female divers, and coaches will attend. Please encourage your child to carpool. Girls will receive their sectional t-shirts.

Wednesday, February 5
Girls will stop by the storage room following practice and enjoy the traditional Sectional fruit cup.

Thursday, February 6
Girls will come to the storage room during their individual lunch period and enjoy a traditional Sectional lunch as a team. Baked potato bar, pasta salad, fruit, and sandwiches will be served. If you have signed up to donate food for this lunch, I will send you a personal text to tie up some loose ends about arrival, food drop-of, etc….
Boys team will time at prelims but a few additional timers may be needed.
All locker room decorations must be taken down by 3:00pm! I am hoping that if any parents plan to stay for the Sectional lunch in the storage room, they will also help remove decor from the locker rooms. Sectionals posters can remain.
No Subway is served. Athletes are responsible for eating on their own.

Friday, February 7
Girls will wear sectional t-shirts to school.
Practice as normal per Coach DeWitt.

Saturday, February 8
Girls diving begins @9:00am.
Swimming Sectional finals begins @1:00pm
A reminder will be sent via Sign-up email if you signed up to volunteer for these meets. Thank you for your help!
Please reach out with any questions!

Here are a few IMPORTANT reminders for the coming days. I know it’s lengthy, but it will answer some of your questions:

  • Our annual hair dye event for the boys team will take place THIS Friday, January 31st, right after practice in the pool area. This is optional!! There will be a taco bar set up in the storage room for all boys, whether they dye their hair or not. All hair dye has already been purchased!
  • Girls’ sectional posters will be hung on Saturday, February 1 at 10:00 am. Come and hang your own poster or leave it on the lock box shelf prior to Feb. 1 and it will be hung for you!
  • Before the JV Invite Meet, all swimmers will be treated to HOT breakfast.
  • All boy and girl JV swimmers are invited to the Pietras’s house for a traditional JV Invite breakfast. JV
    Athletes should arrive at 8:00am. Their address is 6825 East 100 North. Athletes will either need to
    carpool back to the high school or be picked up at 9:30 am.
    All those swimmers who are not swimming at the JV Invite will be practicing that morning per Coach
    Dewitt. After practice, HOT breakfast will be provided in the storage room before departure to LN.*

Thanks to the families who offered to make this HOT breakfast service happen on short notice! Thanks to the Pietras family for continuing this tradition!

  • All donations for the Sectional goodie bags for girls have been filled! Thank you! There is a box labeled Sectional Donations where these donations can be placed. Please have your donations in the box by Monday, Feb 3 at 5:30.
  • There are open sectional volunteer spots that need to be filled for Boys Sectionals on February 22. In the past it has been tradition that the girls’ parents work the boys’ meet- and vice versa. But… anyone can sign up to volunteer! We will not turn you away! We need your help to end our season with a BANG!
  • Finally, a list of Sectional events for GIRL athletes will be emailed tomorrow so you will be up to date on the celebrations for next week!

We are looking to put small “good luck” Sectional snack bags together for all GIRL athletes to enjoy during the Sectional Meet. We would LOVE to have your help with donating a few needed items.

If you are interested in donating, just simply send me (Jennifer) a text (317-443-2830) with your name and the words “I’ll donate.” I will text you back with an item from the list below. Items should be purchased for 36 athletes. We want ALL GIRLS to be part of this celebration!

Your donation needs to be dropped of to the hospitality room no later than Monday, Feb 3 at 5:30pm. Please make sure your donation is placed in the large box labeled “Sectional Donations.” Please also make sure that donations are in a closed sack or package so they will not be mistaken for snacks to eat after swim practice. As always, we couldn’t do this without you! Thanks for your help!

Peanut Butter Crackers for 36 athletes
Granola or Cliff Bars for 36 athletes
(Healthy) Fruit Snacks for 36 athletes
Powerade/Gatorade for 36 athletes
Cheezits/Goldfish for 36 athletes
Individual Applesauce containers for 36 athletes
Lifesavers/Mints for 36 athletes
Packs of gum for 36 athletes


Franklin Swim & Dive,

It’s the first of many championship weeks, and we’re making preparations for a very busy week.  We’ve had a great deal of confusion given the three meets, so here’s the gist!

Tuesday – at Perry Meridian – 5:30 Start
Meet Preview:  We plan on swimming “off” with plenty of opportunities to go around. The theme of the week is embracing hardship and challenges as a point to improve ourselves, so we’ll mostly be looking at putting together a line-up where our athletes can compete against one another in some different ways.

Thursday- Boys only at Center Grove- 5:30 Start
Meet Preview:  We expect to compete, swim fast, and embrace the challenge of competing against a good team and rival.  All boys will swim.

JV Championships – hosted at Lawrence North High School
REPORT TO SCHOOL:  JV Championship athletes to report at 10am / SECT athletes to report for practice at 7:00am
DEPART: 10:30am 
ARRIVE 11:30am to Lawrence North
Meet Preview:  Our first big meet to mark your calendars.  We’ll be suiting up, if an athlete has a suit, and we’ll be going ALL IN.  There’s a theme in place for the athletes, and we plan on being the loudest team there.  We’d like you all to sit together and to make lots of noise wearing your blue!  I hope to post the entries on the google classroom by Wednesday, 3:00pm.  Athletes should be expected to show up at the pool at 10:00, while the bus will leave at 10:30.  There will be snacks provided, but athletes can leave the pool at 10:00am, provided that they return by the bus departure time.  

This is just another gentle reminder that Sectional Posters for Girl Athletes ONLY are due to the high school on February 1 at 10:00 am. Sectional posters for male athletes will be due right before their Sectional week…(about 2-3 weeks from now). A few parents have had some questions about these posters. I have uploaded a few examples that might be of help.

Follow these easy steps to find the uploaded examples:
1. Go to the top of the Team Pages website.
2. Click on the tab that says MEDIA.
3. A menu should drop down. Select PHOTOS from the drop down menu.
4. A group of albums should appear. Click on the album titled: Sectional Poster Examples
5. There are a few examples of posters (from parents who had photos available) from both male and female athletes that were created in the past few years. I hope these examples are helpful.

The main thing to remember is that these posters are nothing to worry about. The athletes will LOVE them and enjoy seeing their teammates posters as well. Please refer to the announcement posted a few days ago about sizing of the poster and some other helpful hints.

If you would prefer, I can hang your poster if you place it on top of the lock box (at your own risk) before Feb. 1 OR you can come and hang the poster yourself on Feb 1 at 10:00am in the glass hallway leading to the office.